Let's (Re)Start

Open yourself and your creative process up to being deeply held. Book a Momentum Session.

Are you ready to begin? Or to begin again?

In a Momentum Session, I support you in (re)infusing momentum into a creative project of your choosing.

A Momentum Session is a pay-what-you're-able 60-minute session on Zoom with me.

And –

For two weeks after the session, you and I asynchronously co-create and deepen an element of your chosen creative project within a Google Doc.

What's included?

The creative process, while so beautifully unique to each person, can also have periods of frustration, doubt, overwhelm, [insert whatever you may be feeling here!].

If you find yourself somewhere in that messy middle of a creative project and are feeling the call to have compassionate outside guidance help you get out of your way and rediscover your flow, this session is for you.

I’ve seen it time and time again for myself and for clients—the power of being witnessed and having your ideas reflected back to you can be just the catalyst to reignite your creativity and reengage your momentum.

○ ○

My intentions for these sessions are to support you in:

When you schedule your session, you’ll be prompted to complete a pre-session questionnaire that helps you get to know your process and project more deeply and helps me to get to know you, your process, and your project as well.

Then, we’ll meet for an hour to reflect on, refine, and (re)claim your momentum.

Once that hour concludes, our time is not yet over! We will spend the following two weeks continuing to brainstorm, ideate, and co-create within a Google Doc with your session notes and where we can tend to the unfolding process of your and your project's momentum – together.

○ ○ ○

The process we’ll (likely, non-linearly) weave our way through in our hour together:

1. Rest into reflection

We’ll evoke a sense of restful ease to remind ourselves that observation and reflection doesn’t require any external exertion, rather it’s more about non-action and witnessing.

We begin here to support us in sensing into your present moment reality and the present moment reality of your creative project.

2. Release into refinement

Sometimes it’s in the letting go that gives way to clarity.

Through intentional subtraction, we can witness the essence of your creative project which will support us in welcoming the momentum you and your project desire.

3. Revitalize into reclamation

Newfound energy often arises after resting and releasing.

That energy can spur on reclamation thus re-engaging your natural, beautiful momentum!

○ ○ ○ ○

Do you feel one of your creative projects tugging at your sleeve?

I sense that your creative project wants to be known.

I sense that your creative project wants to be known not simply by you but by the world.

I sense that your creative project is ready to dance (again, still, anew!) with you.

Are you willing and ready to dance with your creative project?

I am here to support you in (re)discovering those special grooves only you have with your creative project.

If you are willing and ready, book a Momentum Session today.

If you're not willing or ready right now, it's all good. You know what's best for you, your creativity, and your creative project. I'll be here if and when you feel the pull to partner with me to re-infuse momentum into your creativity and your creative project.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○

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