1:1 Private, Email Support for Creative People

An invitation to receive support

Do you have undone 'creative somethings' hanging around that you don't know what to do with?

I want to support you in honoring, grieving, and celebrating your undone 'creative somethings.'

This support may change the weight your undone 'creative somethings' hold.

This support may offer new or reclaimed space for your creativity to alchemize.

How this private 1:1 support works

  1. You simply email me about your undone 'creative somethings' and how you relate to them.
  2. I read your note and determine if (1) I am able to directly support you or (2) you'd be served more fully by another resource.

If it's #1, I email you back with a request for payment (it is $15). Upon receiving payment, I email you my support. This support comes as totally personalized reflective questions, provocations, and opportunities that could support you in being with your undone 'creative somethings' and navigating from here.

If it's #2, I email you back a list of recommended resources -- books, people, techniques, podcasts, and more. #2 is freely offered.

I'm opening this offer up to the first 5 people who email me at cassandra@bewithcassandra.com. (Though if you are the sixth or tenth person to email me, I'll likely be excited to create space in my schedule to support you, too! No scarcity tactics here, simply inviting you in for abundant support!)

When you email me, use the subject line: "Requesting Creative Support" (that way it'll catch my eye right away).

If this invitation resonates with you, yay! If not, that's a good signal, too, right?

If you think it would resonate with a friend, relative, neighbor, colleague, you are welcome to share the invitation with them.

I'm here to be your creative partner.

I'm here to support the process of honoring of (y)our undone 'creative somethings'.