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(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, I recommend you make one, too! Thanks to Nicole Colter for telling me about what a now page is.)

Every few months – or when inspiration strikes – I update my now page to share what I'm up to right now! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Latest Update


A week after writing my update below on July 26, 2021, I began my first "12 Week Year" (animated video summary of the book– the creator did a solid job of summarizing the book though it's a bummer I quickly noticed that all the images of people he used are male.. I sent him a note sharing my observation with him 😉).

I followed as much of the approach as I could and on this evening that I write this update, I'm at the end of week 13 so next Monday I'll begin my second 12 Week Year.

I'm loving that this approach has helped me lessen the decision fatigue I was facing on a day to day basis. I get three big goals to focus on for 3 months. That's it. Of course, there is a bunch of day to day stuff as well as other important elements of my life I tend to that don't fall under the realms of these three goals but the big needle pushing tasks are within my goals and so I know I'm going to be moving in the direction I am intending to (even if I don't know where I'll end up!).

Over this weekend I'm reviewing, reflecting, and celebrating as well as setting the foundation for my new 12 week year!


In September I started two new part-time positions, both I love for incredibly different reasons. I started teaching at the forest kindergarten Nature Nuts one day a week and get to be immersed in the outdoors with young children and great grown-ups all day long. I also stepped into a newly designed role at Quiet Heart Wilderness School as their Facilities and Resource Manager.

In stepping into these two new roles over the past two months, I am witnessing my weekly and daily rhythms adjust, morph and breathe differently than they have been over these 1.5+ pandemic years. I've been meeting so many new folks in virtual communities and now it's supportive to also be meeting new folks through in person communities.

Entering into these two new communities and roles has also meant that I've needed to step away from other communities and roles. I write about this in this essay about community thresholds.

Updated October 29, 2021


I'm in the midst of mapping my personal and work projects with my friend and awesome collaborator, Heather Riley. These visualization mapping sessions with Heather have been giving me the "big picture" as well as the aligned clarity I've been needing in the midst of the professional changes I'm moving through.


I am receiving heaps of rhubarb, celery, onions, and chicken eggs from neighbors across the street and down the hill.

I am tending to delicata squash, kale, tomatoes, onions, celery, mint, cilantro, garlic in my container garden. I am giving cilantro to neighbors.

I am choosing to join:

  • a virtual book club,
  • a virtual meditation group,
  • and virtual therapy.

I am meeting weekly with a financial accountability partner. We've been meeting for over a year after taking Megan deBoer's Equipped to Thrive course together (which was awesome).

I'm choosing to be a joiner right now to support my innate gravitation towards being an initiator.


My husband, Ernest (the doggo) and I recently returned from a van adventure to Montana. We rented a van from Cascade Adventure Vans. My husband's shop, Mammoth Vans, designed and built out the rental fleet for Cascade.

We stayed in a different spot each night sometimes a campsite and sometimes public land, each day brought awesome nature, belonging and change. Some days brought hammocking, some days brought lots of driving, some days brought exploring cute downtowns.

Now that we're back home, Ernest and I have gotten into a groove of doing our "long loop" walk in the neighborhood almost every late morning which takes us past the Puget Sound.


I'm enjoying catching up on Cait Flanders' Opting Out With Cait Flanders podcast. I learned about her podcast when she had about 10 episodes out and I'm almost caught up to her regular weekly episode drops.

Updated July 26, 2021

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