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I'm Cassandra. I am a project manager and deep listener. I share these strengths through my work as a Creative Partner and early childhood educator.

My creativity welcomes your creativity. My dreams welcome your dreams. My inner knowing welcomes your inner knowing.

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Let’s (Re)Start

Book a Pay-What-You’re-Able Momentum Session with me to (re)start your creative project. Let's reinfuse momentum into your creative process and project by reconnecting with your inner knowing

Let’s Be Partners

Apply to work with me as your Creative & Operations Partner. These are deep dive partnerships for entrepreneurs who know we’re not meant to do things alone. If you’ve been searching for the missing link in your business, this may be for you.


Let's Get Techie

Book an Inventory Session with me to gain clarity about the tech tools you actually need and desire for your creative project. Let's match your strengths and day-to-day realities to your tech stack (not the other way around).