Ernest, the dog I call kin

I write about him plenty.

I spend most all of my time with him.

He goes most everywhere I go (or, rather I go most everywhere he goes).

So, it makes sense to devote a special spot to this special being.

portrait of Ernest, big dog who is mostly black with a white chin and white middle part of his neck and belly. He has golden eyes and his mouth is partially open with a big tongue hanging inside.
in one of our fave forests, shot taken by Nathan, Ernest's other human.

He's Ernest (with too many nicknames to count).

He's big. He's fluffy. He's funny. He sometimes howls. He sometimes smiles.

He loves kids. He does not like balloons.

He is likely not part wolf but we really don't know (and enjoy the mystery of it all).

His mama was found pregnant roaming the streets of West Seattle. She's a Malamute Husky mix.

Things shouted out of open car windows....

"What a beautiful dog that issssssssssss!!!"

"What kind of dog is heeeeeeee?"


If you'd like to say hello to Ernest, email

He might send you another glamor shot back.