Writing as a Way of Grieving

Writing as a Way of Grieving


Lisa asked if I'd support her as she grieved the loss of her son, who died by suicide. She needed creativity to serve as a salve for her wounded soul.

Cassandra's Roles:

Transcriber, Graphic Designer, Project Manager & Creative Thought Partner

How We Began

Lisa and I danced together before the pandemic. We reconnected on the dance floor end of 2023 and she shared with me that her son had recently died by suicide. Lisa has a visual disability that makes it very challenging to type. She asked if I could transcribe as she read words of these reflections she was writing as a way to grieve the loss of her son.

We meet on Zoom weekly and she reads me what she's recently written. She shares visuals she'd like to go along with each reflection and I design the words to align with the images. I manage the project by keeping us (mostly!) on task during our working sessions and communicating with the printer we use to print the reflections.

We are on our way to forming the reflections into a "coffee table" large art book. Lisa may submit the reflections into contests and may self-publish the book.

Here are several highlights:

View several reflections in this viewable Canva document

I recommend zooming in to read Lisa's words. The pages are 8.5 x 14 inches.

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