3 + 3 = more magic

written for my upcoming 33rd year rocking this dear body on this dear planet.

The 33 more magic list began as an alternative way of celebrating my birthday.

I love getting together with people to celebrate but sometimes December is a rough time to connect. So I thought about different times and ways to celebrate – to celebrate myself, my life, and to celebrate connections with others.

If I want to celebrate with others I need to share some sort of invitation, right? This list serves as that invitation!

So consider yourself invited if you've arrived at this little spot of togetherness on the Internet called Be With Cassandra. 😊

This list specifically zooms in on things over which I have agency.

For this upcoming year (both my personal year and the Gregorian calendar year), I desire to offer more of my attention and my magic to the realms over which I have agency.

I want to remember my agency.

I want to call forth my ability for "more" which I relate to as:

abundance – presence – savoring

My use of "more" doesn't really mean bigger, better, or more in quantity. It doesn't either relate to self-improvement or something from the outside needing to fix the inside.

It feels more like a remembering, a returning to, a spiral. Likely I'll see this list differently a month from now and especially five months from now but you know what? It's more about saying yes to more magic in the here and now in a multitude of ways.

Perhaps as you read this list it screams of new year's resolutions but I'm seeing them more as... hmm new experiments and invitations to shift my attention towards what's working and give more attention to that which is working. Perhaps there's one or a few on this list that won't even get touched through the year. I want to find out. And I want to find out with you.

Due to the list focuses on things over which I have agency, it is quite "me" focused. It is self-centered though not in the way that that word is normally used. It's centered on self because that's where agency lives.

two questions as you move through the list

Is there one that resonates with you?

Do you want to join me in bringing your agency – your sense of self-empowerment and self-honoring – to one or some of these? I would be honored to celebrate with you in this way.

Time-boxing and self-permissions: This is an experiment in belonging that I'm practicing starting the month of December 2022 through December 2023. I trust that this experiment and each number of the list will go through periods of time in which they morph, grow, shed, lay dormant, hibernate, transmute, and blossom. How could they not in a year-long experiment? I give myself permission to let myself and let this experiment be as we want to be. I give myself a check-in half way through the year, sometime in June or July, to consider if this is an experiment I wish to continue through the remaining half of the year.

You, dear reader and fellow celebrator, are welcome to join me in any at any point between December 2022 and December 2023. Joining me could mean emailing me to tell me you're choosing to practice one of these. Joining me could mean something else, too! Reach out to chat more.

Let's get to the list!

The 33 more magic list

  1. be in water more
  2. practice change matchmaking more
  3. make and nurture a cozy home more
  4. design and nurture the sweetest creative partnerships and the sweetest work more
  5. real laughs with real people more
  6. practice more releasing others' expectations through momentarily "cutting the strings" (a personal sensory release practice) so there's more space to sense my needs and desires
  7. wake well-rested with the sun more
  8. honor relationships that are joyfully and mutually beneficial more
  9. listen to, ask questions about, document and re-share every day stories of my lineage more (lineage by blood, by marriage, by bioregion, by vocation, by profession)
  10. release more items, stories, relationships, and patterns that no longer wish to be on this ride with me
  11. buy items and experiences that I need and desire – say yes to materialism as it supports my work and play more
  12. more witnessing what's within, between, and beyond as energy and moving in relationship to the particular energy, whether it be grief, shadow, loneliness, belonging, excitement, and the multitudes of other energies, urges, and emotions a being can experience
  13. "minimum viable" anything and everything more – especially the things that feel hard
  14. practice vulnerable and clear expression through my writing more
  15. center joy more
  16. practice physical self-defense more
  17. tend to my belongings more
  18. ask and follow what my Loving Energy & Capacity Auditor (aka LECA or "Lee-sah") shares with me more
  19. re-read and re-weave my own writing more
  20. more sensing I'm on the path for me, even when/if I can't see it's a path
  21. more resource awareness and emergency preparedness
  22. follow curiosity-led deep dives more
  23. build more fires
  24. talk with my future self more
  25. more discernment of what my past selves are sharing
  26. savor my present self more
  27. practice under-earning and under-being recovery more
  28. practice emailicious more
  29. learn and practice languages more (verbal, non-verbal, body-based ones alike)
  30. make more opportunities to trust
  31. breathe, sigh, yawn and hum more
  32. more asking my body what would be nourishing to eat
  33. more being with the spacious unknown and unknown spaciousness

I invite these questions again

Was there one that resonated with you?

Do you want to join me in bringing your agency – your sense of self-empowerment and self-honoring – to one or some of them? I would be honored to celebrate with you in that way.

This feels vulnerable and hard to share but I feel the pull to experiment in this way so I'm going to say yes to #14, #19, #20, #30, and #33 and hit publish. 😊