going through it

Hi there,

Your 'it' is likely different than my 'it' – or more realistically it's 'its' – all the 'its' that you're going through right now.

All the challenges, struggles, joys, changes, expansions, endings, beginnings, fears... all your 'its,' all my 'its,' all my neighbor's 'its,' all your child's 'its.'

There are so many 'its' that we're individually and collectively going through.

I missed sharing with you last week. Ernest and I went on an epic road trip adventure to California to see beloved family, some of whom I haven't seen since pre-pandemic – and Ernest and them had never met before! It was an adventure unlike any I've taken before and I'm very grateful we went and had such a connective adventure.

'Its' can be transitions. 'Its' can be "see you later's" even when we don't have a "later" date set. 'Its' can be doing new things like Ernest staying in a hotel for the first time.

Little or big, all those 'its' mix with one another and maybe even pile on to consume quite a lot of one's personal energy. Maybe there's energy leftover for all else in one's life... or maybe there are no leftovers. And maybe that's okay sometimes? Maybe there can be some (self-)acceptance?

What I trust to be true is that the medley of 'its' that I'm moving through right now will certainly shift and change. Tastes of sour or sweet will change the medley. Tastes of bitter and fresh... tastes of fermentation and velvety smoothness... each will shift my personal 'it' that I'm going through... and yours too.

For me (and maybe you too?) this medley often colors my day-to-day experience. When I remember, I try to weave in sweetness into the foundation of this medley since I sense how much it affects the day.

Whatever your medley of 'its' is right now, I wish for you much courage and self-compassion. I wish for you much trust and spaciousness.

Til next time,