Co Woah

Co Woah

an experiment in belonging in response to feeling lost about my relationship to work

Wayfinding is not just an elaborate term for signage. In its simplest definition, wayfinding is “The act of finding one's way to a particular place” (Oxford English Dictionary).
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I've been feeling lost lately. I have a long list of things, people, places I feel lost in/about/in reference to. Fortunately for me, I haven't felt lost from my creativity and my ability to design experiments in belonging.

I figured I'd design an experiment in belonging that could support my feeling of lostness specifically in relation to my relationship with work. Maybe it could help me in feeling less lost? at least in this one realm of life?

Do you feel lost in your relationship with work, too?

Or do you feel so found in your relationship with work that it feels like a big bore?

Well, whatever your relationship with work is, I have information to share with you:

I am setting up a co-working pop-up for the month of December. I'm calling it Co Woah.

Get it?

It's co-working with a woah!

Because I want it to remind myself it can be fun climbing the mountain that I'm currently climbing. Woah! It's a big climb and a big mountain and yay it's a celebration each day we show up!

Through the month of December, I am scheduling out multiple blocks of time each week to show up for my relationship with work. By inviting you to join me, I make a public declaration that my relationship with work is of value to me. In this public declaration, I offer a pathway for self-accountability.

By me saying to you that I'm going to show up for me, my hypothesis is that it'll be more easeful for me to actually show up for me. The joyful bonus is that in the showing up for ourselves, we also are showing up for one another.

Though maybe the showing up for one another is not a bonus but that's the real part. That we aren't here to do work alone. That we don't need to expect ourselves to journey alone, especially with the things that we find challenging.

This is made to be incredibly simple. Because I could spend all month long designing something complicated and then be so bogged down in the details that I just want to burn it all down.

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The simple frame:

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Pay-what-you-wish, if you wish:

Answers to questions you may have

Yes, this is co-working by another name.

Yes, you can pay OR not pay to join Co Woah. If you want to pay, choose to pay $5, $30 or $44. All the rates are simply for the month of December and all payments will be turned off on December 31, 2023 so you are not charged any more than your original payment. If you don't want to pay, email me for a gift subscription.

Yes, this is on Zoom but if you live close to me and I am good with you coming to my home office then I welcome you to look at the times and see if you'd like to come over to my home office and Co Woah in person.

Yes, I may be in my totally Zoom appropriate sweats and cozy clothes and not brushed hair.

Yes, you are totally welcome to wear your totally Zoom appropriate sweats and cozy clothes and not brushed hair too.

Yes, you could totally f around during the Co Woah and I might too and we could also become closer with our work, too.

Yes, you can join after a Co Woah has already begun. (just know you're coming in to a Co Woah where we've already had our talking time so you can come in, drop your intentions in the chat and get working)

Yes, you can leave a Co Woah early. (just know you'll leave before we've chatted about our time together so plan on dropping in a "bye! I've met my intention to..." in the chat before you go, if you want to close your experience in that way)

Yes, video on is preferred at the beginning because it's kind of weird to not know who is actually on the other end (but if that's just not going to happen, I get it)

No, you don't have to tell me ahead of time that you'll be there. (but you can if you want)

No, you don't have to tell me that you were going to show up but can't anymore. (but you can if you want)

No, you don't have to register in advance.

No, these won't be recorded.

No, you don't have to have the same intentions that I set for myself.

Yes, I'm open to you asking any questions that I haven't answered.

The simple timeframe:

This experiment in belonging was birthed on Saturday November 18, 2023 and will begin Monday December 4, 2023. I will run this experiment through Sunday December 31, 2023. I will check in at the point to see if and how the experiment and I desire to continue.

See you over in the pop-up experiment? Join the fun

May this experiment in belonging serve as a form of wayfinding for you, for me, for us. May these Co Woahs climb, celebrate, and carry us where we're meant to be.