but what if it's a yes?

I didn't think about what would happen after I brought it up.

All my energy was directed towards bringing up the new partnership idea.

This was new for me.

Past Me(s) would have put tons of energy towards wondering what would happen if she said "no."

But Present Me (well, now Past Me too... ah... time! what an ungraspable creature! but we'll stick with it being Present Me for the sake of the story, ok?)... so, Present Me gave it all to simply – and excitedly – voicing the idea that had come to me in one of my recent all-too-frequent pre-dawn-eyes-wide-open-to-creative-source mornings.

It was a huge personal win that I didn't think one bit about what would happen if she said "no" (yay, self-honoring).

The funny thing is –

I also didn't give energy to wondering if she not only would said "yes" but also "when do you want to schedule a work retreat to start the process?"

You might ponder all sorts of possibilities. Or maybe you're in the midst of a transition like I am.

If so, maybe we can – together – shift some energy towards pondering the possibilities of "yes" – and "when do you want to start?"

yellow square sticky note with handwritten message that says "how do you direct your energies of possibilities?" possibilities is in bold bubble letters and there are dots off several of the letters suggesting energy being sent out of the letters.
**bringing back the stickies!

Happenings while I've been writing this

(a newly added experimental section! well, I started the experiment in this post, promptly forgot about it and now have remembered! yay to remembering fun experiments!)

I first re-read what I wrote a few days ago and decided it wasn't what I wanted to send out today so invited those thoughts to continue hanging out in drafts.

I've been sitting in the leather chair that is known as Nathan's. Sometimes I find myself sitting in it during the day (when Nathan's at the shop) if I want to see a different vantage point of our home. It helps when one does most everything from home.

I'm sitting here because I was attending a sweet virtual conference, the city of Edmonds' annual Write on the Sound Conference. I've driven under the street-wide banner plenty of times living here for five years but in years past didn't consider myself a writer. Now that I realize I am a writer (and have been for a long time!), I chose to join in.

I participated in Elizabeth Beechwood's workshop "Creating Animal Characters that Capture Your Reader’s Imagination." It gave me so many ideas! So many ideas that I decided I wanted to keep this note short today (even though this happenings section has now become longer than the main event).


Til next time, possibility ponderer,


** Back when I was writing my experiments in belonging newsletter, I got into a ritual of writing something on a small square sticky, usually a question because that's how I roll.

I recently rediscovered the little stack of OG (original) e.i.b. sticky questions while gathering creative somethings for another maybe-soon-to-be-shared creative something and fell back in love with them. I'll witness how these sticky questions want to weave into my notes here!

Don't know about the experiments in belonging newsletter?

I wrote and sent it out three times a week for six months last year.

Here's one I wrote with a sticky question about (spoiler alert) a crow eating a robin's egg.

Here's another I wrote with a sticky question about inviting your circle in as you move through change.

And one that highlights what 'experiments in belonging' was all about (and includes another sticky question).