Episode Three: Being with Reuniting Fresh Starts

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Cassandra and Ernest are back from a recent summer adventure (and other summer adventures, too, that took them away from the mic). They are reunited and back by the creek in the forest. Cassandra shares about fresh starts after being apart from Ernest while on a trip. She shares questions about fresh starts the listener/reader may have experienced recently or may be experiencing right now. Take a listen or a read!

Gratitude for Ernest the dog and fellow explorer and the forest and all its beings for sharing this experience with Cassandra.

Aired on Saturday September 3, 2022 - really simply to get this out into the world once it was complete for you to take in!

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Cassandra stood next to the creek while Ernest ran up and down the hills that embrace the creek. She recorded the creek note on August 30, 2022 and published the episode on September 3, 2022.

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Full Transcript

[00:00:00] [creek sounds serve as introduction]

[00:00:09] Cassandra: Hello. Welcome to Be With Cassandra. I am your host, Cassandra Ellis.

[00:00:18] I am back from a trip. An international trip. To England. And I'm excited to bring you episode three, with some thoughts about fresh starts. And returning to relationship with sweet Ernest, the dog I call kin.

[00:00:47] And expanding upon that fresh start with him to pondering other fresh starts and what [00:01:00] those might be for myself and for you. So take a listen. And I'd love to hear what resonated with you?

[00:01:09] So let's go back to the creek.

[00:01:11] And jump in. [creek sounds serve as transition and then continue throughout in background during this section.]

[00:01:15] Hi, there

[00:01:20] [laughs] Ernest and I are settling in back home. He was at a lovely family's home while we were away. And so we're all, he and I are becoming reacquainted with home and we're at our,

[00:01:46] [sighs] our creek spot

[00:01:51] [laughs] the little, little tidbit I wanted to share, that's come to [00:02:00] me.

[00:02:03] During this day of reuniting and is, is about like fresh starts and how you know, um, Ernest and I being away from one another and he and I spending so much time together. Uh, you know, all the time over these past several years and I mean, since he was born and,

[00:02:40] and it was really wonderful yesterday, when, you know, we picked him up at this family's home and it just, it just felt like [00:03:00] permission to have a fresh start together. And he, he had such a wonderful time with one of the three dogs at this family's home. And this one dog is a corgi puppy. And the stories that the family shared about just how they loved playing with each other.

[00:03:27] And, you know, Ernest is 106 pounds and a corgi puppy- I mean, they're pretty like hefty , uh, but they're tiny. And just hearing about the play they had together and he would start every morning with "ow-oohing" and howling to the two children and the family. And,

[00:03:55] and so I guess like the [00:04:00] combination of us being a part, as well as hearing about so much goodness coming from his time away and experiencing so much goodness myself while away.

[00:04:21] I think just has allowed me to feel a fresh start and feel like, you know, he and I, and our relationship together has had lots of ups and downs and, and, and we still have all of that. And. We have this opportunity to meet again and meet anew, and I'm feeling grateful for that. So [00:05:00] I wonder about your fresh starts that you might be able to experience with other beings in your life?

[00:05:12] And, you know, August is sometimes the time, you know, like I was, like for being away and then returning, and maybe starting school, maybe starting something new. Um, but yeah, you know, September, August to September, that transition does bring- can bring lots of newness and I invite you to- consider newness in your relationships. And again, not, um, you know, keeping- [00:06:00] still embracing and honoring all that came before in the relationship or relationships that you're considering. And having that ability to have some new beginning or fresh start, blank slate, whatever words work for you and resonate.

[00:06:28] And yeah. See where that goes. Um, it's not to say old stuff won't be very much still present or resurface or feel old in any way whatsoever, but, um, but yeah, and, and if you have the ability to separate [00:07:00] from, you know, a relationship for a little while, like, you know, [smile in voice] like Ernest and I did, and, and then reconnect and reunite and, and I think that that is something that's essential with this, right? Of the, the time away, the breaking apart allows for the coming back together.

[00:07:29] And yeah, I wonder where you can bring that element into, um, so that, that fresh something can occur. So till next time and yeah, I hope that you are well today. Bye for now. [creek sounds fade out]

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[00:09:03] So bye for now. And till next time. [creek sounds transition in and then out to end episode]