👩🏻‍🔬 Experiment! Play! Be Messy!


Is there a word that you gravitate towards? Is there a word that you just want to keep using in your writing or your speaking? Maybe you don't even know why it sticks with you - or leaves your mind and then keeps returning again and again.

I have several - well, lots - that I am pulled towards. One with an incredible strong gravitational pull is 'experiment.'

For me, the word 'experiment' encapsulates:

  • play
  • creativity
  • curiosity
  • failing, learning and keeping going = iterating
  • messiness
  • chaos
  • uncertainty

It also makes me feel like a scientist - or maybe more accurately, a teaching scientist - since my experiments often exist for both myself and other learners while the experiments are unfolding.

Mainly, I'm here sharing this today to support myself in setting the tone for this digital homebase. And offering you guidance for how to engage with the resources shared here.

Simply put -


This is one layered reason why I am fascinated by change, because the flow of change is so much more.... FUN! when I enter into it with a sense of experimentation.

You might very well have a different word for the way I define experimentation. Openness, iteration, learning, growth... for me the word that resonates with my being is experiment.

If you've come here by way of my old Substack called experiments in belonging, maybe that name will make more sense to you having read this.

Later experimental gators,