why i'm in love with being a creative partner

Creative Partnership

Last week I wrote about getting off the train of a worn-out pattern and hopping on the-hosting-my-first-Creative-Work-Retreat train. I co-designed this retreat with friend and prolific creator, Diona Williams. I'm her Creative Partner. Read on for what it means to be a creative partner.

why i'm in love with being a Creative Partner:

  • it's about reflecting back all that's already within the other person
  • it's about being in a "power with" relationship rather than a "power over"
  • it's about ushering wild creativity out beyond one's mind, body, soul, spirit, experience and into the creative partnership where it can be embraced within the partnership, then ushered out into the world by more than one lone voice
  • it's about listening to one's intuition, nudges, messages from the universe and then following them!
  • it's about being dynamic and free to experiment with one's role โ€“ "partner" can mean so much while also offering boundaries
  • it's about welcoming creativity through diverse forms (podcasting, writing books for children and families, journal designing... to name the media I've been supporting Diona with)
  • it's about welcoming multi-passionate people along with their diverse forms of creativity
  • it's about making space for people who have valuable stories to share and feel called to share them
  • it's about experimentation, play, inquiry, discovery, love, trust, vulnerability, friendship, fellowship, kinship... all the ships!
  • it magnificently matches my gifts, skills, and purpose
  • in tracking many past partnerships of mine, I've found a pattern of shimmying my way around other more "sage on the stage" type roles and re-engineering them into something more "guide on the side." I have been making myself a covert "partner" this whole time.

i'm (re)claiming my role as Creative Partner

I'm here to give your creativity legs and hands... you already have the heart; it simply needs to move, connect, embrace, dance, and expand!

I'm here to help you realize your creative dreams.

The joy about partnering with me at this personal inflection point is that I will gobble up everything I desire in relation to your creative project.

Want to write a book of short stories? I will return to beloved short stories I've read, read the ones that serve as inspiration for you, get into the meat of what makes a short story a beautiful work of art.

No, I'm not a short story expert. I don't offer a Master Class on short stories.

The special sauce I offer โ€“ and am damn proud of now that I'm (re)claiming it โ€“ is that I intuitively, compassionately, and playfully usher your creative voice out into our creative partnership container, then together we usher your creative project out into the world.

If what you're needing is someone who taps into who you are and what you uniquely want and need to offer, then I'm your partner.

Maybe you're not in need of this support but someone near and dear to your heart is.

Someone in your book club keeps talking about the creative project they are yearning to finish and share.

Someone in your exercise group keeps fretting about being in a creative rut but always walks in wearing the most gorgeous hats they've designed themselves.

Someone in your family has a business concept fully formed in their mind but is waiting for permission to creatively bring it to life.

Diona followed her intuition and invited me on the journey of being her creative partner (even before we knew what the role was called).

Out of the blue (or so it seemed...), she texted me asking if I would be up for supporting her with season 3 of her podcast, Black In Nature.

It was a "yes" before we even talked.

Now I've been working with her for the past six months โ€“ and most recently, co-designing our first Creative Work Retreat together.

I hold an abundance of creative support to share with you and your connections. I'm so so so excited to become your creative partner, your friend's creative partner, your neighbor's creative partner, your aunt's creative partner.

I'm off on a grand adventure to England soon. Upon my return, I'm opening space for new creative partners.

Til next time,


P.S. I welcome questions about being a creative partner! Your questions will undoubtably strengthen this unfolding role.

P.P.S. The note from last week? Read it here!