making things to share

I'm smiling with the desire to share an in-process creation with you.

It's stemmed out of my past three days immersed in a solo deep creation work retreat – a new self-designed retreat style I'm playing with.

It's a bit of goodness that's already wanting to flow out... wet your palette... soothe your throat... warm your hands...

(a slight chill has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and along with it some rain, which has lessened the wildfire smoke, at least for right now. maybe those metaphors align with your present weather, but maybe not?)

View the in-process creation on this shareable Canva page.

You can give an emoji reaction (move your cursor to the bottom of the page), if you wish!

How you're receiving this in-process creation is very welcome. (Content ending feedback isn't needed at this stage.)

This is me cracking open the door for some heads and hearts to peek in while I'm in the midst of making.

Til next time,


P.S. If you are in the midst of creating something, too, and want to open your door just a bit for a head and heart to peek in, I'd say "yes!" to an invitation.