(not) here for

Two simple lists for you today:

Be With Cassandra is not here for...

  • "hacks"*

quick fixes of most any sort... productivity hacks, cooking hacks, teaching hacks. I can totally get lost in a quick fix for something that's bugging me but it's hardly ever the sustainable gem I want it to be.

I'm not interested in giving you things that lack longevity.

  • curated lists of links

Sometimes, I do find something sweet within a long list of thoughtfully curated online resources in other newsletters I subscribe to but usually I simply end up with twenty newly opened tabs of articles I never end up reading.

I'm not interested in giving you even more things to file, manage, or bookmark.

  • pop culture commentary

Not my thing – definitely other people's things. I'll leave it to them.

*Though I do have to say, I am on the last episode of Hacks and don't want it to end.

  • being something I'm not / you being something you're not / me telling you to be something you're not / you telling me to be something I'm not

This one is definitely on the list of things-this-on-going-wild-ride-of-a-pandemic-endemic(?) has taught me. Maybe you, too?

Less and less time and capacity for being things we're not.

Less and less time and capacity for being told to be things we're not.

(Growth, change, and creativity are different. I'm talking about the pretending that feels like hopelessly trying to cover up one's own reality.)

Be With Cassandra is here for...

  • slow burn conversations and relationship building

You will likely receive a personal note from me at some point checking in to see how you are and if there's anything I can support you with right now. I'm actually here to get to know you just as much as you're here to get to know me.

  • invitations to co-create projects together

In small ways and large, I'm here to not just get to know you but also make things together! Abundance truly lives and thrives within the co-creation process.

  • ideas that you / I / we are pondering while we walk... together or on our own

Places that welcome generative ideas are the spots I choose to be – and the places I choose to make. These places embrace play, creativity, individuality as well as camaraderie.

  • not knowing, unlearning, and experiments

It can get uncomfortable and it can be delightful when we can learn and unlearn experientially and experimentally. When we don't know (so really, let go of thinking we know) how something is going to end up, we nurture that "growth mindset" and strengthen those creativity and anti-fragile muscles.

What's something you're (not) here for?

Maybe you used to be here for it but you want or need to switch things up!

Experiments welcome! So little of life is actually set in stone!

Change it up! Be here for something new today! Let go of something new today! Draw the line in the sand on something new today!

It's your decision!

Til next time!!


P.S. Next Monday (February 14th) at 4:30pm PST, I'm facilitating a special workshop On Nurturing Your Sense of Place. It's the first of a three session virtual workshop series that my co-creator friend Nicole Corbo and her business Roots and Sky Nature-Based Learning are hosting.

Take a look! Register if the workshop – or the whole series! – meets a need of yours!

Tell a friend if you think they'd be into it!

I'm jazzed to be able to work with and support Nicole as she launches this new seasonal and accessible professional development learning series.