Our Creative Partnership

What it might look like to be Creative Partners:

  • virtual weekly flow sessions (2 hours) or bi-monthly deep dive sessions (4 hours with 30 min break)
  • virtual or in person creative work retreat 6 months in to Creative Partnership
  • digital database designed for you by Cassandra (housed in Notion and can be paired with Google Drive, Mural and other platforms where your creativity thrives)
  • co-designed payment plans - creative people are sometimes paid irregularly, Cassandra will co-design a contract and agreement with you that works for both of you
  • written notes and audio recordings of all virtual sessions

Our Creative Partnership might be for you if:

  • you yearn for someone to not only bounce ideas around with, but to also serve as a consistent, intuitive, trustworthy creative soundboard who honors your voice, inner knowing, and vision
  • you work with other consultants or contractors (maybe a virtual assistant, marketing specialist, website designer, etc) and they are great at what they do but you don't have someone in your professional life who you can work with before you have it all figured out, before all the CEO decisions have been made
  • you are connected with a lot of talkers and doers but you really need a great listener and partner
  • you need someone who thinks and sees things differently than you. You know that you're missing things (often because you're so close to your work, which makes total sense!) but you often can't figure out what the missing things are
  • you need someone who speaks the same language as your creativity
  • you want to not burn out. you look at your road ahead and sense that if you keep going it alone (of with bare minimum supports) your creative flame may extinguish. you want a partner who can share the fire-keeper responsibilities with you so you both – and your whole team (family, four-leggeds, kin, etc) stay warm all year long
  • your creative work is ready to be shared more publicly, widely, vibrantly, cohesively, and/or lovingly than it ever has been – and you're ready, too. You simply desire someone to partner with you to make the journey more joyful, connective, dynamic, easeful, understanding, and clear.
  • you are so creative you've hardly ever looked at a blank page you couldn't fill. As Diona (the awesomely creative person who has been co-designing the Creative Partnership as my first Creative Partner) says, she needed some bumpers to help her bowling ball get where she wants it to go. As your Creative Partner, I will be the bumpers for your bowling ball.

The words 'Creative' and 'Partnership' are intentionally chosen. I'm here to support your creative work. And I'm here to support you as your partner. I'm not your coach. I'm not your consultant. I'm not your assistant. I may step into those roles at various times but I'm primarily your partner, supporting you and your creative vision.

How I can support you and your creative vision:

  • editing your written creative work – developmental, structural, content, line, copy editing and proofreading
  • deep listening to you and about your creative visions and reflecting back to you places of alignment and not-yet-alignment
  • bespoke experience and service design for your creative offerings
  • co-hosting your creative offerings
  • saying YES to your wildly creative ideas, supporting you in saying YES to your wildly creative ideas, and supporting you in connecting with others who want to say YES to your wildly creative ideas

other things I want to share:

  • I make tangibles for the Creative Partner – a lot of our regular work will be virtual and digital. At some point it may feel valuable and inspiring to have tangible items made of your in process work (examples include: podcast episode cards with one sentence summary of each episode, notebook and pens and highlighters for in person retreat, digital jamboard made into tangible (and huge!) poster
  • the retreat is a whole experience in and of itself – specifically co-designed to bring a project to a close and/or start a new project (and likely both), share example of schedule
  • Loom video of example Notion dashboard
  • how Dee and I write comments to each other within Google docs (my edits and her questions and responses)
  • the story behind how/why Dee asked me to be her Creative Partner / the origin story of Creative Partnerships
  • a whole page devoted to sharing / promoting Dee's podcast and her children's books - examples of work that I've supported
  • how I've been creatively partnering with fellow creative people for as long as I can remember, now I have a name for the role my gifts and skills are made for
  • the non-coercive, invitational, ready-when-you-are ways of seeing if this partnership aligns with you
  • ways to get to know me to start getting a sense if the partnership is aligned with you and your needs and desires
  • sliding scale pricing
  • initial contract and as needed re-contracting as new projects unfold
  • creative partner for one project or partnership is on-going – don't have to know that right now! we can start on one project and go from there

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