Prescription For The Disillusioned - Rebecca del Rio

personal process

Come new to this day
Remove the rigid overcoat of experience 
The notion of knowing 
The beliefs that cloud your vision. 
Leave behind the stories of your life. 
Spit out the sour taste of unmet expectation
Let the stale scent of what-ifs waft back into the swamp of your useless fears. 
Arrive curious, without the armor of certainty, the plans and planned results of the life you’ve imagined. 
Live the life that chooses you,
New every breath, every blink of your astonished eyes.

written by Rebecca del Rio

brought to me by Michael

read this poem and others in Rebecca del Rio's book

Michael shared this poem with me in the early pandemic days. Every now and then we'd hop on our computers in our respective dance spaces / living rooms and investigate the movement of our bodies together and witness one another in these investigations.

This poem resurfaces in my consciousness every six months or so, and I read it and feel its declarative statements as a call to shed what I already know needs to be shed.

What words touch you?

How do you feel after reading Rebecca del Rio's words?

What, if anything, do you feel inspired to say or do?

Thank you, Michael, for sharing this poem with me. Thank you, Rebecca del Rio, for writing this poem and sharing it out beyond you.