playing with words

Given that you're here with me in this word-rich land of email, I'm imagining that you're into words as much as me – or maybe even more than me!

I'm realizing I've been playing with words all day long today:

  • while talking with Kelly, a cyclical living advisor, about how I engage with my cycles and all the cycles in which we all live. We found our way into conversing about the seasons and I found Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer serving as remarkably simple shared language for communicating much more complex happenings within our inner lives.
  • while sinking into a recorded yoga nidra practice with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD and witnessing my body sweetly and softly responding to the words spoken
  • and while deep in a Google Doc with Maggie, a thought partner and mindful marketer, writing out a variety of different and all connective 're-' words

We humans use words all. day. long. and often I find myself asleep to the reality that by experimentally playing with words, huge shifts can occur within me and within whomever I'm sharing the words.

So, let's play for a moment? shall we? may we?

Here are those 're-' words I mentioned earlier:

there are 27 words that all start with "re" the, there are four columns and seven rows of the words typed out on digital rectangular sticky notes, columns 1 and 3 are coral color and columns 2 and 4 are orange. the words are written below in list form

If seeing the words in a different format flows better for you:

  • resonate
  • refine
  • revitalize
  • recover
  • reclaim
  • return
  • relation
  • reconnect
  • reflect
  • reclamation
  • resist
  • reflection
  • remind
  • realm
  • rest
  • release
  • regenerate
  • relationship
  • revitalization
  • result
  • respond
  • ready
  • really
  • reach
  • recognize
  • resistance
  • reveal
  • re- ?

Yes, yes, I know some of them feel like double-dipping but personally, 'relation' and 'relationship' provoke different feelings and thoughts within me and so including both feels good. And since it's all in play we can make up the rules! Repetition is valuable in play, too. Oh! I guess 'repetition' is the first 're- ?' word asking to be added to the growing list.

I'm open to receive (oh gosh! now I can't unsee all the 're- ?' words!!!) your re- words and I'll add them to the colorful board.

I'm curious to learn your responses to the re- words shared here. Do you want to share that with me?

If so... which ones jump out and ask to be played with? Which ones make themselves known and then scurry away? Which ones would you rather not consider?

My curiosity is unending when I remember and recenter my love for play. I'm imagining that you too are a lover of play because I tend to attract, or perhaps resonate? or... reverberate!!, with fellow play-loving-beings wherever I go. (You probably do, too, yeah?)

Til next week,


P.S. So the playing with words is from a pure love of the play and it's centered around designing a new "pay-what-you're-able" 1:1 creative partnership session with me, lover of words and lover of play!

In the midst of working with Maggie, I jumped into this rabbit hole of re- words and I don't want to leave the rabbit hole of delights! Or shall I say, I'm relishing in the delights and don't want to retire? Can't stop, won't stop.

P.P.S. Really random thought that I'm curious to learn your perspective on, if you care to share: Would it make any difference to you if I sent these notes on a different day? Like Mondays? Would it feel more alive in you if the day was different? Or does the aliveness feel enough or even abundant in receiving this note on Fridays (and every now and then on Saturdays)?

Who knows if a change is afoot but I felt the pull to invite in a dialogue with you, dear reader.