Change Is ______

Change Is ______

Welcome to the Change Is Podcast!

Cassandra is in the midst of bringing this podcast to your listening ears.

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Each episode includes a triad of client, coach and host. Host Cassandra plays matchmaker, asking her intuition and her networks for a worthy coach and client match. The two matched guests then courageously move through a change process in real --and recorded time. The nature of the change may be p…
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‎Education · 2021

((This website is completely utterly under construction. I've intentionally chosen to include you in the process as I am in the midst of it. And if you know anything abouot the process of change... well, it can be messy, sticky, and well - unfinished! I welcome whatever you are in the midst of as well. We're all in the midst of some type of change, right?))

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