crowd-sourcing curiosity

We interrupt our normally scheduled programming for an invitation to join in the questioning of our evolving CoCreation Publication co-creators...

hahaha this sentence has made it into the final draft. Upon reading what I had typed, I tilted my head, laughed a bit and questioned myself: "what is our normally scheduled programming?"

Anywho – what even is the aforementioned CoCreation Publication?!

The one answer I will write in today's share (the rest is devoted to questions):

It's continually evolving! At this moment in time, the CoCreation Publication is becoming a generative hub on the Internet for humans excited about – and perhaps wanting to dive into – the process and act of co-creation.

The definition we're working with right now is: co-creation is collaboration and cooperation that embraces the whole process from seed of an idea to finished product (or at least an iteration of it). By the end of the process, it's likely no longer possible to distinguish who added what but everyone comes out of the experience fuller and more human.

The vision of the roll-out is...

  • The publication's inaugural edition makes its way to readers' inboxes around the Spring Equinox
  • This first edition includes an interview with several inaugural co-creators

The interview questions will open the doors and windows ~ and let the air stream through ~ of how the co-creation process has been unfolding thus far.

I am seeking "crowd-sourced" questions from you for this interview!

Once we have a collection of potential questions that have come from you, dear reader, and others connected to the publication process, the inaugural co-creators will vote and decide to which questions we want to respond in the interview.

So – what questions do you have for the co-creators?

Questions to provoke your questions

What do you want to understand more deeply?

... about co-creation, collaboration, or cooperation in general? .

... who the co-creators are?


Where is your curiosity leading you? Are you wanting to know more about...

... the aesthetics of the publication?

... the way readers will be invited to join in and co-create?

... or something else entirely?

Do you want to know more about what led the inaugural co-creators to working and experimenting together?

Submissions are open now and will close this Saturday 02/19/22

This is a special one-time-only invitation! I will not send out another reminder. I'm not here to weigh down your inbox; I'm here to honor the spaciousness within our avenues of communication.

If you want to submit some questions but you don't have the capacity or time in this very moment, you know what I recommend? Write or set a reminder on your calendar for this Friday the 18th to spend some dedicated time submitting your questions – no more than 5 minutes is needed, really... unless you wish to contemplate for longer.

You choose:

  1. Reply to this emailed post with your questions.

In your note, tell me if you want to receive the alpha edition in your inbox next month.


2. Submit your questions through this three-question form.

(two Qs are optional 😉).

If you submit questions by this Saturday, you are eligible to receive the first alpha edition.

Either route you choose, your questions will get right to me – and soon after to the inaugural co-creators.

I'm feeling energized already by the thought of receiving your expansive questions. Submissions are open now and will close Saturday at 11:59pm PST.

Til next time,