questions to continue

here to connect (not drop a pile of fake urgency on your doorstep)

take a read through when you wish. it's your right to design if, how, and when you take in the all that's beyond you.

if you're new here, I'm sending out monthly notes to you about belonging, creativity, and nature. in these notes, I often extend invitations to you to 'experiments in belonging' that I design and host.

I've been receiving a lot of "here's how I start the new year" kind of stuff. I am into new years bringing new beginnings. I'm also into less telling and more asking. I'm into offering pathways of continuity and rhythm rather than feeling like everything should feel new.

So I bring you questions today. Questions that might offer reflection and connection. Maybe it's reflection and connection with your self, your soul or maybe it's with another being.

I like asking questions that inspire the recipient to respond to some other question entirely. Questions that serve more as prompts than directives.

I do also like a direct question that will have a clear answer. My perspective is that relationships need space for both prompts that inspire divergence and ones that guide convergence.

I wrote these questions as I scrolled through everyone subscribed to Be With Cassandra. I reflected on conversations you and I have had and let the parts of your life that I'm curious about surface.

You're always welcome to reply to these emailed notes. I usually take my time with responding but I will respond. You're also welcome to ponder the prompts and weave them into your day however you see fit.

may these questions serve as prompts that inspire divergence, and perhaps guide convergence, too:

  1. what was one surprising way your brain injury has shifted your perspective on life?
  2. what is one thing you are proud of during your time as an activist?
  3. what is it about writing that lights you up – in this present moment? (no need to say something you think you should say)
  4. what is a challenging thing you are experiencing raising young children right now?
  5. if you could offer support to the you six years ago who started the business you still lead today, what kind of support would it be? emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, relational?
  6. what is it about meditation that does it for you right now?
  7. what is it about painting that does it for you right now?
  8. how did your relationship with your nearby nature shift over the past year?
  9. how do you feel in your still-pretty-new leadership role?
  10. how is your relationship with your daughter? how are you faring with supporting and witnessing her health challenges?
  11. how are you feeling about re-entering the work force?
  12. how is your permaculture design learning going?
  13. how are you feeling nourished by your experiments in community development and deepening your sense of belonging?
  14. how are you faring with your sobriety?
  15. how are your roots being fed in your still-pretty-new home?
  16. how are your neighbor trees?
  17. how has your relationship with money shifted?
  18. are you finding the accountability support you are wanting right now?
  19. how is your farm?
  20. how is your still-crazy-and-you-still-love-them cat?
  21. have you been performing lately?
  22. do you want to re-start developing dance performances?
  23. how is your dream house design and construction coming along?
  24. what about your youtube channel?
  25. how is your walking challenging going? how are you supporting yourself in this new endeavor?
  26. how are you receiving support from others – and needing it?
  27. how is the new book coming along?
  28. are you still traveling full time? how is your sweet baby?
  29. are you going to iceland soon?
  30. how are you feeling about the new product you're designing?
  31. how is the new business plan coming along?
  32. what was something hilarious that your grandson said recently? your granddaughter? your grandpa? your neighbor?

It's good to be with you today. It's good to be with inquiry today, too.

Til next time,


P.S. a poem for you that I've fallen in love with, from Hafiz, discovered through Kim Krans' Wild Unknown Archetypes deck (here are some ways I've connected with these cards and more about the cards)