Spontaneous Interview?

But not really an interview.

More like a deluge of question marbles rolling around in my mind. Maybe you'd like to stop one with the toe of a shoe, pick it up and let it roll around in your mind for awhile.

Want to share your responses to one or a few?

If so, email me back by just replying to this emailed note or emailing me at cassandra@bewithcassandra.com. I'll definitely read it and I'll do my best to respond (though my email inbox has been acting funky lately so allow me some grace, please).

I welcome curiosity, play and color into this moment.

What do the supply chain issues of our present day say metaphorically about our interconnectedness?

How do you prefer to drink water? Still water or water with stuff in it (like fizzy bubbles, lemon, mint, berries, salt, or.....?)? Can you drink your tap water? Is it well water? Or water from a spring? Or do you need or prefer to drink bottled water?

Did you pick a word for this year (or did a word pick you)? Do you remember it now in October? How does it flow with where you are now?

Have you been shifting your ways of connecting with fellow humans over these past few months? More in-person connections? More virtual? More time overall with others? Less time overall?

In your present routines, do you connect with children (ages 0 to 12) on somewhat of a regular basis? If so, how are the children related to or connected to you and / or a role you hold? If not, why not?

In your present routines, do you connect with teenagers on a somewhat regular basis? If so, how are they related or connected to you and / or a role you hold? If not, why not?

...what about humans between the ages of 20 and 30?

...30 to 40? ...

...40 to 50? ...

...50 to 60? ..

...6o to 70? ...

...70 to 80? ...

...80 to 90? ...

...90 to 100+?

...100+ to ++!?!!

Did it take a minute to consider the ages of the humans you're around on a regular basis? Or did folks' ages come to you immediately?

How are these questions making you feel?

About how many humans would you say you connect with during a regular day? How do you define "connect with?"

What about beings other than humans? ...beings beyond humans?

When was the last time you touched a tree?

When was the last time you witnessed birth? ...death?

How do you make sure your heavy blankets are fully dry? Do you hang dry them? Do you leave them in the sun? Or in front of a fire?

How many books are you in the midst of reading? Are they audio books? Paperback books? Hardcovers? From the library? eBooks? From the local independent bookshop? From Amazon? From Barnes and Noble?

Or do you prefer podcasts? Or reading articles online? Or print newspapers and magazines? Or social media feeds?

What is one object you can see right now that makes you feel an emotion you don't enjoy feeling?

Where in your body does your stress tend to hang out?

...What about your breath?

...What about your joy?

Is there one question that's floating around in your mind in this moment? Would you like to sit with it for a breath or two?


Maybe there will be fewer question marks next week, or perhaps more...!

Til next time,


P.S. Do you have questions for me, too? Send them my way, if so. 😉