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join the experiment in belonging for people who want to co-learn in a supportive way.

Hello fellow life adventurer!

You're in the right place to register for the upcoming Supportive Spiral hosted by Be With Cassandra.

the scoop:

Supportive Spirals occur on the third Tuesday of each month. Supportive Spirals are virtual gatherings for people who want to co-learn together. A Supportive Spiral is 90 minutes with a totally optional 30 minute hang out time after. Come with your curiosity and a resource you'd like to "spiral into" during our time together.

A Supportive Spiral is like if a study hall ran away from school and made love with the fool tarot card!

In this iteration, Supportive Spiral is a pay-what-you-wish offering. Offer what you wish, pay before or after the Supportive Spiral.

Your presence is an abundant exchange if you cannot offer money at this time or if you're already offering money in exchange for membership in another community, network or group that was your conduit to coming into the Supportive Spiral.

Ready to register?

Yes, I'm ready to register!
Your presence is abundance. May our shared time be abundance, too.

timing details:

The next Supportive Spiral is on October 17, 2023 and starts at 3pm PT.

See you there? :)