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join the experiment in belonging for people who want to co-learn in a supportive way.

Hello fellow life adventurer!

You're in the right place to register for the upcoming Supportive Spiral hosted by Be With Cassandra.

the scoop:

Supportive Spirals occur on the third Tuesday of each month. Supportive Spirals are virtual gatherings for people who want to co-learn together. A Supportive Spiral is 90 minutes with a totally optional 30 minute hang out time after. Come with your curiosity and a resource you'd like to "spiral into" during our time together.

A Supportive Spiral is like if a study hall ran away from school and made love with the fool tarot card!

In this iteration, Supportive Spiral is a pay-what-you-wish offering. Offer what you wish, pay before or after the Supportive Spiral. Your presence is an abundant exchange whether or not you wish to offer a financial contribution!

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Your presence is abundance. May our shared time be abundance, too.

timing details:

The next Supportive Spiral is on December 19, 2023 and starts at 3pm PST.

See you there? :)