saying it together

I don't know about you but I've been reading and moving my way through a ton of year end+beginning stuff.

I love reflecting and envisioning! Though the processes are revealing themselves to be more internal than external for me right now.

So, I'm choosing to share two notes (below) that I received in my email inbox instead of writing more about year end+beginning stuff myself.

At first, I was stuck in a rut thinking other folks were saying it better than me-and-why-even-try-saying-it-myself? But you know what: I turned that rut into a new understanding: when someone says something cool, you listen!

Maybe that's a "well, duh!" for you but the best new-to-me understandings are, in fact, sweetly simple.

The process:

Someone says something cool.

The other person listens.

That person tucks it into their heart, mind, or notebook.

At some point, they pass it onto someone else who may find it cool, too.

[repeat process x infinity!]

It's not about comparison.

It's about being alive in this moment together; being in a dance of sharing words and listening to those words. More deeply, it's sharing experiences and listening to those experiences.

Do you have words=experiences you'd like to share with me as this Gregorian calendar year comes to a close? I'd love to listen!

And if you are in the mood to listen right now, too, here are those cool year end+beginning words:


Brendan Leonard's Semi-Rad: MAKE 2023 THE YEAR OF MAXIMUM ENTHUSIASM (thanks, Colton, for recommending I subscribe to his emails!)

FIRST, SOME HISTORY AND CONTEXT: I first published this essay in 2012, and every year that followed, right around New Year’s, I started to...


Ann Friedman's first installment of Our Collective 2022

Our collective 2022

To listening and sharing!

Til next year, :-)