ushering a small question onward

Hi there,

As a lovely person asked me yesterday when we hopped onto a Zoom in the late afternoon, "what've you been up to today?"

It was surprisingly sweet to not be asked "how are you today?" but a question that felt approachable from any angle, an answer-however-you-want type of question.

So... I would like to now ask you, what've you been up to today? :-)

Experiencing a bit of joy in your daily rhythm? A bit of adventure? A bit of sadness? A bit of connection? A sip of tea? A bit of hesitation? A bit of clarity? A bit of nourishment? A bit of movement?

I'm on the other end if you care to share. Or perhaps you'd rather care to usher the question onward and ask someone else what they've been up to today?

Til next week,


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