creative stage switching

This is the fourth drafted note I've written.

I keep writing down ideas that fall flat.

So, instead I'll ask, what are you needing right now? How's March going for you?

I'm finding life is asking a lot of me right now. I'm needing to do a lot of context switching as well as something I'm calling stage switching.

The projects that I'm working on are all in different stages of the creative process, and thus are requiring me to switch from brainstorm mode to preparation mode to launch mode... often resulting in brain spinning mode!

I'm doing my best with this stage switching – and simultaneous context switching – though it sure requires a lot of energy.

What stages are your various projects* in?

Project Stages visual with each stage in a blue circle or square lined up in a long rectangle. Last circle on the bottom right has 'what else?' written in it. Refer to end notes for full list of project stages.
Project Stages visual (screenshot of Mural canvas)

As I made this visual, I had to keep moving down the 'what else?' circle as more ideas flew in.

The creative action of typing out all these possible stages gifted me more space in my own thinking – more space to shift between and dance with the seemingly dissimilar stages of all my projects.

I actually got glimpse just now of what it might feel like to be with each project as it is right now.

Thank you for being with me with this project. And knowing how I roll – and getting a sense for how you roll – we might be co-creating other projects together... or will be in the future!

If you want, play a game with your screen and the visual above. If it feels comfortable and safe, close your eyes and let your mind and body choose one project of yours. Let your finger dance above the visual. Stop moving your finger, open your eyes and see where your finger is directing you.

I just played the game, closing my eyes and letting the CoCreation Publication project come to mind... danced my finger around and arrived at 'gathering.' Hmm, a smile's come to my face – this stage resonates quite well.

Wondering where your finger will arrive! Reply to this note telling me, if you want.

And do share, if you wish, how your March is going and what you're needing. ✨

Til next time,


*I consider anything with multiple steps a project. Cooking a meal is a project! Starting a business is a project. Running a business is full of many projects. Tending to a home is full of projects. Serving on a committee is a project. Caring for a family member is a project.

Project Stages List

From visual above, all the project stages:

preparing, incubating, editing, connecting the dots, decomposing, experimenting, brainstorming, releasing, co-creating, illuminating, promoting, elaborating, zooming out, extending, ideating, prototyping, evaluating, reflecting, reviewing, hibernating, gathering, framing, stepping away, iterating, questioning, enacting, strategizing, zooming in, dying, examining, validating, getting a bigger picture, expanding, envisioning, actualizing, curating, improvising, seeking feedback, sprinting, mulling, wondering, grinding, launching, letting go, embracing, halting, gripping, celebrating, collaborating, denying, simplifying, subtracting, minimizing, remembering, stalling, designing, quantum leaping, freeing, honoring, what else?