✨ Stick Around For This Unfolding Vision

Maybe you've poked around here for a bit.

Maybe this is your first time here.

Whether you've stopped by here before or not, you may be wondering what Be With Cassandra is all about.

This small portal on the Internet is unfolding into and becoming:

  • a place to reinvigorate your sense of agency
  • a place to redefine the ways you think about your sense of belonging
  • a place for you to learn about the craft and art of co-creation
  • and a place for you to intentionally integrate experiential and experimental co-creation into the many facets of your life.

It's certainly evolving day by day. But I thought it valuable to share what I'm up to here right now so you can decide if you want to stick around or visit again.

Thanks for being with me, here, right now. 😊

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