Originally entitled Change Is, this podcast, is in the midst of change. Yep!

I've been moving through several mapping sessions with my friend and collaborator, Heather Riley. Our first project together was actually working on the podcast formation. Now she's working with me to visually map (using an awesome tool called Mural) my current and near future professional and personal visions.

Through our work together, I realized that the podcast is an extension of Be With Cassandra, and thus, takes on my new tagline of "experiments in change and belonging, held by nature" as well.

Check out my new season preview... listen in on me sharing more about my own change process and how the first season of Be With Cassandra will unfold.

  1. take a listen to the original trailer of Change Is.
  2. take a listen to season 001 preview
  3. take a listen to episode 001.