tucking into a sleeping bag of (self)compassion

While I was lying awake last night unable to go to sleep and feeling too cold, but knowing I would wake up too warm if I put on another layer, my mind wandered to sleeping bags.

If you're a person who camps (and enjoys it), maybe you also fondly think of the mummy-like sleeping bags?

If you don't know them, they embrace one's body like you're a mummy! What I love most about them that that one's head is also embraced.

So, while laying there, I envisioned this sleeping bag being made entirely out of compassion, and self-compassion.

I wanted to experiment and see if my body would feel supported and embraced through imagining this. Or maybe if I'd feel warmer in that moment?

Some experiments I don't know if they "work" until maybe more experimentation with it or letting it simmer in the background for awhile.

And it's actually not really about it "working" or not.

It's about the experiment itself. And giving my imagination room to play.

Perhaps you want the option of tucking yourself into a sleeping bag of (self)compassion, too?

Or maybe you're not into sleeping bags but you'd like to sip some tea of (self)compassion? Or drink a smoothie of it? Or be warmed by a fire of it? Or jump into a swimming pool of it?

I don't know what you're going through in this moment, but I do know that many with whom I've connected over this week are moving through a lot... grief, unknowns, annoying surprises, frustration, burn-out, feeling stuck...

There's an abundance of (self)compassion woven into my sleeping bag.

I will happily share the bounty with you.

Til next week,


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