warming ourselves and each other

I'm on a sweet, sweet adventure dancing in the realms of fire and ice so a sweet, sweet – and short! – touch in with you today.

I don't know what your winter has been like. I wonder if you've been experiencing some recent times that your body has asked to be warmed. Perhaps you've warmed yourself by a fireplace or an electric blanket. Perhaps by a cat in your lap or a dog beside you. Perhaps by buttoning yourself into the trusty winter coat or zipped yourself into the helpful raincoat.

I wonder how else your being... body... heart... might desire to be warmed?

I wonder how your body desires to support in the warming of the bodies of others in your circles?

I'm deeply grateful for the warmth shared from the purple fuzzy zip up from Betsy, the whirring pellet stove, a dear friend upstairs, and a massive yellow knit blanket.

Sending you warmth if you need some right now,