what I did this week as a Creative Partner

When one makes up a name for their professional role it can be, well, challenging for folks to actually understand what the role is. It can be challenging for me to understand on some days, too.

So here's a list of what I've done this week as a Creative Partner. Now it won't be challenging for either of us!

What I've done this week as a Creative Partner:

  • typed a piece of poetry while it was dictated to me by a client
  • typed parts of the conversation the client and I had and integrated some of the conversation into the piece of poetry
  • resized a visual of a boat on a digital asset for a client
  • read the piece of poetry aloud multiple times so a client could hear tone, cadence, and repetition
  • moved final draft of the poem into the digital asset I designed last week, downloaded the high-res version and emailed it to a client
  • called website hosting platform support and walked through each product and service that a client is paying for to determine if the client in fact needs each item or not (that hour long conversation with the support person will save this client a substantial amount of money)
  • reviewed and reflected upon notes from previous working session with a client
  • prepared agenda for upcoming working session with a client based on client's needs and wants shared in previous session and based on tasks that they and I have completed separately since previous session
  • wrote reflective questions for a client in regards to a recently launched product
  • took extensive notes while in working session with a client, these notes are saved to remember client's personal creative and business processes, personal and business progress, to be added into project and task management systems, and to be infused into client's marketing copy
  • provided a contained time to a client to synthesize recently learned information
  • listened to and witnessed a client share personal and business updates and newly uncovered clarities about their values and branding
  • celebrated several wins with a client
  • discussed several elements of a client's website that they want refreshed to correspond with overall personal brand's slight (yet important) shift based on personal growth and healing
  • tracked what specific elements I will change and how I will change them for the client's website
  • with a client, navigated through onboarding process for a tech tool that is new to the client, clarified steps along the way so client understood each part of the process
  • with a client, clarified details about their customer and where their customer will be on their journey
  • revisited plans and further honed vision for a new online course with a client

I'll have more over the weekend but this is it as of now, Friday at 4:30pm! 😄

It's lovely when the folks I get the opportunity to work with are surprised when I say I can do something with or for them that they didn't think I could do. At the same time, it's just as much as treat to know what a Creative Partner is capable of doing with and for you.

This list gives just a glimpse! In re-reading the list I noticed how many elements of my role I didn't touch.

It's a joy to have such variety! It's a joy to support Creative Partnership clients!

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