yes to this moment

Notes to You

What wants to be shared after I've been away from our correspondence for a month and a half? Who am I now? Who am I no longer?

Who are you now? Who are you no longer?

I feel too tired in this moment to answer the question of who I am now. Or rather, the question of "who am I now?" makes me feel tired!

Do you feel capable of answering that question right now? Hypothetically that is, I am definitely not asking you to write me back with who you are now! I mean... unless you want to??

Maybe those questions make you feel tired, too?

I've actually been feeling the opposite of tired lately.

I've been in a refreshing, revamping, redoing, re-enlivening process since we last connected. It might be why I haven't written since June.

The Be With Cassandra website has been a huge part of my refresh process. It's totally different now! It's still in process and it's at a point in the process that welcoming people to take a look-see feels good rather than yuck.

The Creative Partner voice within me just reminded me that everything is "still in process" and that it's valuable to honor the times in the process that ask to be tucked away for only one or a few to witness, times in the process that ask to be huge and bold and visible – and along with those, time for all that exist in between.

I updated the website in a door-half-open kind of way. I updated half a page or so at a time and simply left the drafted elements up and visible for whoever walked through my digital homebase at that moment. Maybe you saw it in that state? If so, you got to see some of my notes-to-self and lists of clear next steps that I include with drafts.

There is plenty more to (re)do with my website and all the other realms of my life that are in their own re-enlivening processes. In this present moment, I am able and willing to witness the "plenty more to (re)do" as abundance – and feel it in my body as wide-chested gratitude. And for that, I'm thankful (some other moments I am more in the camp of experiencing the plenty as overwhelming and depleting).

Is there a realm of your life that's moving through a re-enlivening process that you'd like to share about with someone in your circle? Maybe you'd like to share about it with me or with a tree? Maybe that someone is actually yourself? Glancing at yourself in the mirror as you brush your teeth, would it feel good to remind yourself that you're in the midst of a lot?

If you observe the website closely, you'll read in one place that I send this note out every Friday and then in another place that I send it out every other Friday. HA! You and I both know neither is our present reality.

What is real is that I will write you again soon and I will continue with all the refreshing processes in all the realms of my life. May you write back if you wish to. May you most definitely continue with all the redoing, revamping, and re-enlivening that is welcoming you.



P.S. If you see anything that seems funky on the website (like typos or things that don't make sense to you), definitely tell me! I'm ready to be seen and receive in all my funky glory. (I'm ready to see you in all your funky glory, too, you know.)

P.P.S. Thanks to Lyle and Karen in the Foster collective for our co-writing time together. Your support ushered me through writing what I thought I wanted to write and then into what I actually wanted to write, so thank you.