one completely accessible thing

Hi there,

Has this week been a lot for you? It definitely has been a lot for me.

With all this a-lot-ness floating around, this note will be short and sweet today.

One question today for you/me/us:

what's one thing I could do that would support me – and that's completely accessible to me in this moment?

completely accessible in terms of amount of time, money, resources, tools required to make the thing happen.

completely accessible in that it's close by and you can get to the thing right now. you can easefully reach the thing, with no stress.

for me it's putting the rice pack in the microwave for 2 minutes and then putting the rice pack around my neck.

for me it's warming up dinner leftovers for lunch each day this week.

and for Ernest and me earlier this week, it was walking onto the ferry and chilling on a beach for my birthday.

Cassandra sits smiling at camera wearing a warm hat, two braids, glasses, and jacket. Ernest is slightly behind and next to Cassandra, looking at past the camera, he is a bit shaggy from being in the water and has sand on his nose. There is lots of driftwood on the beach and trees, one fallen, into the water beyond them.
I think this is Ernest's hungry+tired-from-all-the-excitement-of-the-beach face

maybe you don't even end up doing the one thing but the act of asking the question can shift far off fantasy to tangible, accessible reality. it's sometimes enough to shift the day (or at least an hour of the day).

If you feel called to share, I'd love to learn what your one thing is right now and how it's completely accessible to you.

Til next week,


P.S. This note connects with #13 and #30 from my 33 more magic list!