what I did the week of March 4 as a Creative Partner

personal process

I made a list several months ago of what I did over the course of one particular week in my role as a Creative Partner. I thought it might be illuminating (for me ha, who knows if it will be for you, too) to do it again.

What I've done this week as a Creative Partner:

  • communicated via text chat with website hosting platform customer support to help with troubleshooting two different issues with a client's website
  • updated three pages on a client's website
  • listened to a client share incredibly loving words about our work together and how it's supported her grieving process
  • asked a client about particular changes she's making to a program she's about to relaunch, dug into the whys behind the particular changes
  • thought through the specifics of a social media campaign with a client
  • made Loom videos for the client showing and talking through the updates
  • worked with Loom customer support when the videos weren't uploading
  • hosted a first meeting with a client and a colleague of hers who have partnered to co-host a regional summit. meeting focus: since I am designing a landing page for their summit, we were meeting to come together on the overall design direction before I got into it on my own
  • transcribed the first draft of a poem with a client
  • with the client, matched the words of the poem with imagery
  • witnessed and supported client as she edited and reimagined wording to truly align with the experience she is reflecting on in the poem
  • served as a sounding board with a client as she moves through a project with a colleague
  • updated multiple task management databases to align with what actually needed to be attended to
  • edited bio copy
  • edited a lot of other copy
  • edited photos
  • met with a client to dive into project updates
  • shared website updates live with a client, updating a few things as we went through it together
  • moved through a values exercise to see what my values actually are right now
  • designed a draft of a new webpage for a client
  • received word that a print job was ready and communicated the news to client
  • met with two colleagues who work in similar ways to me to ask for help in redesigning and newly containing certain elements of my business

My few remaining steps for the work week are to send another progress update out to a client about their website and think through two website launch timelines. I'll see if these happen during my Mon. - Fri. work week or my Sa. - Su. play/work-if-I-want time.

Definitely a website design heavy week over here, which I have feelings about, mainly due to the troubleshooting I needed to do. The joy of serving as a Creative Partner is that I get to experience a lot of realms of creative work, and they all sweetly flow sometimes and slowly chug other times.

What did you do this week in one (of the many) roles you hold? Whether it's work for other people, work for your home, work for your neighborhood, work for your body, I'd love to know more. Feel free to email me or comment.