weaving with the weather

Let's dive straight into this week's reflection, shall we?

framing this week's reflection

a glimpse into one way I wander through reflection's labyrinth

I started drafting this note this past Tuesday looking out at our first snow fall. Today, I'm still looking out at our first snow fall that's now ice-y and crunchy topped with a thin layer of fresh snow.

I'm also looking out at quite a few broken tree limbs. I wonder if it's the combination of our too dry summer and heavy and sudden snow that has given way to the destruction of these trees?

I feel unsure of how to help my fellow kin, of which here I mean the trees I look out on and stand underneath so often. Witnessing the chickadees flit around the broken limbs in their windy-leaf-like ways, I trust that it's not all uncertainty, unsure-ness, and doubt within me and surrounding me... I trust these feelings are woven together with curiosity, exploration, and courage – even if they're sleeping beneath the snow right now.

this week's reflection

If it feels good, maybe give your body a deep belly breath, a yawn and a stretch... and if you have the spacious time, sink in for these questions...

in bubble letters written: centering (colored in pink) reflective (colored in light blue) questions (colored in green) with a wide flat shell that's brown and black-ish. the words are written with a slight rainbow-like curve hugging the shell below. written at the bottom left corner is 'bewithcassandra'
centering deep reflection, one root of this weaving experiment in belonging

Let's float around with these questions...

How's the weather where you are breathing and existing right now?

What's your relationship with it right in this moment?

Are there feelings that you're weaving in with the weather?

Does calling the weather "Earth's offerings" resonate? Or "nature's offerings"? Or something else?

What does the word "weather" evoke in my body and mind?

How does your home and the weather relate with one another?

How does gratitude relate to my home and the weather?

How does temperature relate to home? And temperature to love? And temperature to money?

I'm curious to know where your mind, being, and heart go with these layered and tangentially related questions.

centering being with each other

Our little spot of togetherness on the Internet – and in your email inbox – for sharing ways to be with each other.

in bubble letters written: current (colored in pink) happenings (colored in light blue) with a flat slightly cashew-shaped shell that's mostly white, gray, gold-ish and textured. written at the bottom left corner is 'bewithcassandra'
centering being together, another root of this weaving experiment in belonging

1. how you can be with me

It's my birthday in a few days! I'm turning 33! I'm loving the numbers 3 + 3 = 6... such roundedness even though there's both oddness and evenness.

I realize everyone experiences birthdays (their own and others) in unique ways so I'll share with you – I love my birthday and I love celebrating my birthday. I love people celebrating their own birthdays. Do you like celebrating yours? Maybe? Maybe not? Do you like celebrating others'?

I invite you to be with me through this list I'm calling the 33 more magic list! All the magic details are included, like how it relates to my birthday and what it is!

3 + 3 = more magic
written for my upcoming 33rd year rocking this dear body on this dear planet. The 33 more magic list began as an alternative way of celebrating my birthday. I love getting together with people to celebrate but sometimes December is a rough time to connect. So I thought about different

Another way to be with me...

I shared about Supportive Spiral in my note last week. I'm excited to connect with you if you reached out to me about it!

If your curiosity was piqued while reading but you didn't get to reaching out about it or if you wanted to revisit the invitation, this serves as a friendly nudge to read about it and then connect with me.

(I'm planning to host Supportive Spirals through 2023 so you have abundant time to reach out about it!)

2. how you can be with Creative Partners of mine

I'm curious if you're curious to learn more about Diona and her work? If you've missed who Diona is, she's my first Creative Partner! She is co-designing the role with me. Really, she is the one who initiated this role coming to be.

She's in a process of evolving her marketing strategies and with that, I'm curious what you're curious about in relation to her and her work?

3. how we can be with each other

This section is expansively experimental! I envision it as a spot for you, dear human, to share offerings of yours so that fellow members can join in and support you. I also envision this as a spot for sharing current happenings that offer ways for each of us to be with ourselves. I'm not sure what that means yet but shall we find out together?

I'm oscillating between bursting the bubble here by being the first to share something or continuing to honor the unknown spaciousness and spacious unknown of this new way of being with each other here in this little spot of togetherness on the Internet. Because of my new 33 more magic list (#33 specifically), I'll choose to continue holding space and continue honoring the unknown spaciousness and spacious unknown.

The best way to be included in this section is to reply to this emailed note or email me at cassandra@bewithcassandra.com with the current happening you'd like to invite fellow members to! The current happening could be something that you are offering others or it could be something that someone else is offering that resonates with you. I will then review what you've sent me, determine if it's an aligned fit, and, if so, include it in the following week's note.

If you're here with me right now, in this moment, I thank you for your presence and our time together. I'm enjoying being with you. I'm rolling my neck with a belly sweetly full of warm lunch.

My neck, belly, and whole being will say hi again next week!